Providing class-leading hosting to customers since 2003.

EWD Hosting is a stable, privately owned company that has been providing class-leading hosting to customers since 2003.
We believe that the happiness and satisfaction of our customers is the sole purpose for our existence. The team at EWD Hosting prides itself on delivering the most complete hosting services in the industry. Our team has been helping businesses do business on the internet for nearly a decade. Find out how we can help you!

Why should I choose EWD?

  • 100% owned equipment and network.
  • SSAE 16 Type-II Certified & PCI-DSS Compliant.
  • We do not resell servers from other providers. We own our servers and our facilities!
  • Industry leading uptime.
  • 24/7 server monitoring.
  • The best equipment available.
  • Personal level support with quick turnaround time.
  • Hardware and software set-up specially targeted for maximum X-Cart® Compatibility.
  • A wide range of locations to choose from:
    - Atlanta, GA
    - Los Angeles, CA
    - Chicago, IL
    - Phoenix, AZ
    - Clifton, NJ
    - Dallas, TX
  • Every single resource in your plan, guaranteed. We never oversell or overcrowd our servers, so you’ll never need to compete to use the space you pay for.
  • SpamExperts - industry-leading email filtering solutions to protect your inbox from spam, viruses, and phishing threats. It's offered with EVERY service we sell.
  • Full backups offered with every account using R1Soft –Back-up of all your files and databases as frequently as every hour.
  • Wholly owned facility in Atlanta, GA with 21,000 sq. ft. available.
  • Exclusively operated suites in other cities gives EWD Hosting a wide presence.
A message from the founder:

Thanks for visiting EWD Hosting. At this point you may want a little more information about EWD and how we came to offer hosting services. I began offering web design services back in 2000. At that time, it was extremely difficult to find high quality hosting providers for my design customers. Constant downtime, lousy performance, and companies that would not put customers first seemed to be the norm. Over the next several years, I tried numerous hosting accounts, from shared accounts, to reseller accounts, and more to try to get great service for my customers. Still, I never got the kind of support and performance I knew my customers deserved.

Rather than continue the endless search, and confident that I wasn’t the only person out there searching for quality hosting services, I knew there was another option. EWD Hosting was created in 2003 with the sole aim of providing top-notch hosting and customer service to anyone that needed it. EWD Hosting has been going strong ever since, thanks to our customers, and our desire to serve them!

Thanks for visiting! Please have a look around and while you’re at it, sign up for the package that best fits your needs. If you’re not sure which package would work best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information or to get answers to your questions.

The entire team at EWD Hosting looks forward to hearing from you!

Emerson Nogueira
President & Founder
EWD Hosting

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Emerson Nogueira

Emerson Nogueira has been in the IT game for nearly two decades. During that time he has earned the respect and admiration of both colleagues and competitors. He has a passion for excellence in customer experiences and thrives on guiding his team to provide customers with the sort of personal service we all crave.

Emerson loves spending time with his family & friends. He’s also an avid driver and race fan. Recently, he’s taken up marksmanship.

The EWD Team

  • Gary Simat
    Chief Executive Officer
    Gary Stimat

    Gary Simat has got over a decade of real world experience in the IT field. He is thoroughly knowledgeable and well versed on the ins and outs of running a successful datacenter and server management operation. When he's not at the office he's either at the gym, on his boat, or out riding his sportbike. If it gets the adrenaline flowing, he's there.

  • Ryan DiRocco
    Chief Technical Officer
    Ryan DiRocco

    Ryan DiRocco is a technical expert with almost two decades of IT experience under his belt. He's worked in a range of IT environments before joining the team at EWD. When he's not keeping things running smoothly at TSS, he loves spending time with his wife and children. Ryan is also keenly interested in cars, cooking, and all things technological.

  • Carlos Carluccio
    Chief Information Officer
    Carlos Carluccio

    Carlos Carluccio has spent well over a decade in the IT field with the majority of that time in the hosting industry. His expertise spans the areas of clustering, security, and technical support operations. When he's not behind a keyboard he's into watching movies, sailing, radio controlled cars, and travelling to great beaches around the world.

  • Tom Burling
    Chief Financial Officer
    Tom Burling

    Tom Burling has over thirty years of experience in financial management. Tom spent twenty years in the design & construction of facilities including clean-room operations. He's operated his own businesses and managed large corporate operations. When he's not wrangling spreadsheets, he can be found working around his house. He's also an avid reader and usually has several books on the table at any given moment.

  • Eric Gregory
    Director of Marketing
    Eric Gregory

    Eric Gregory has been deeply involved in the webhosting space since 2000. Eric was previously at cPanel where he was truly the jack of all trades. When he's not working on writing website copy or developing ads and events he enjoys spending time with his wife, dogs, and friends. He's a passionate photographer and avid driver.